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Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

-Marianne Williamson

Brave Like A Girl. Why?

My daughter and I were playing. She was the doctor; I was her patient. She pretended to give me a shot; I pretended to be nervous in anticipation of the pain. She gently put her hand on mine, whispering, “Don’t be scared. Be Brave… Like a Girl!”

My daughter’s experiences will be different from her two dads’ because of her gender. She will face challenges that we did not need to face. Her perspective of the world will be shaped in part by the fact that she is female (…)

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5 Life Lessons for Girls from the Princess in Black

Princess or Superhero? Dress or cape? Beauty or strength?

The Princess in Black says you can do both.

To the world, Princess Magnolia is just like any other princess – frilly dresses, glass slippers, and all. She enjoys prim-and-proper with her princess friends – until her monster-alarm ring goes off. “What is that sound?” they ask. She dodges the question, makes her way to the broom closet, and changes into superhero attire. Through a secret tunnel, she exits unnoticed. Landing on her horse’s back, she is on a mission. She is… The Princess in Black.


Nah, I don’t like black,” my daughter told me when I showed her the book for […]

You Should Talk About Race with Your Kids

Last week, a Snapchat video was made public, where White students from a middle school in Virginia held down African-American students in sexually explicit positions while making racist remarks.

Naturally, parents were appalled. Social media responses of “This is not who we are” and “I can’t believe this is happening in 2017” abounded. But the truth is that as a nation, this is who we are. This stuff happens in 2017, and it will continue to happen until we take responsibility.

Trying to figure out how something like this could happen in “our own backyard,” people were quick to throw blame. One comment read, “The kids are not the problem, their parents are the problem!” And […]

10 Awesome Brave Girl Quotes

When girls and women speak, you better listen! Check out these truths spoken by amazing women.

Write them down, or share them with a friend. Read them to your daughter, discuss them at the dinner table!

Be inspired to live bravely!

How to Talk to Your Daughter About Sexual Assault *



Social media feeds were filled with the hashtag #metoo yesterday. It started with Alyssa Milano’s tweet:

If all the women who have been sexually harassed or assaulted wrote “Me too” as a status, we might give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem.

I hope it worked… for creating awareness, at least. As a male, I can say that men have no idea how common harassment is, whether it’s blatant or subtle. Since sexual harassment doesn’t affect us in the same way, we aren’t paying attention. This needs to change. 

I’m reminded of a Facebook post by a friend, who had a conversation with her 3-year-old […]

8 Ways To Raise a Voiceless Daughter


Voiceless: adj. Lacking the power or right to express an opinion or exert control over affairs.

It’s opposite day!

Sarcasm usually comes easy to me but this post was incredibly hard to write. So much that I’ll start with a disclaimer:

Parents are doing the best they can, and I swear I’m not judging.

Raising kids is ridiculously hard – I know! And I know you have good intentions.

Lastly, remember each of these points isn’t terrible on their own, and we all do them sometimes – that’s fine. It’s when we practice them consistently that we rob our daughters of their voice.

I want to raise a girl who knows that she has the […]

No, You Can’t be a “Girl-Ninja”

“Look, Papa, I’m a girl-ninja,” said my daughter as she moved her hands around, fight mode.

Really? A girl ninja? Only five years old and somehow she picked up that ninjas had gender, male gender to be exact. “Whoa, that’s awesome,” I told her. “But also, it’s just called ninja, because you don’t call boys boy-ninjas.” She didn’t really care. She just kept showing off her moves. My husband gave me a look that said both, chill-out and thank you.

It bothers me, though it’s nothing new. This happens all the time. What exactly is inherently masculine about ninjas? Aren’t their bodies and faces all covered up? At least she knew she could be a ninja if […]

She is Brave Enough to Face Herself

“Do one thing every day that scares you.” -Eleanor Roosevelt

A Brave Girl does what no one else dared. Fear does not hold her back. But what does she fear? What is it, that holds back so many others? Marianne Williamson said it best,

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.”

We live in a tough world. I want my daughter to be prepared for whatever may come. But in that moment, when she looks her biggest challenge in the eyes, what really matters is that she is prepared to face herself.

Unfortunately, today’s helicopter-parenting trend does […]

Raising A Brave Girl? Let her Choose (Part 5)

(This is the 5th and last part of the Raising a Brave Girl? Blog series. Check out the Intro: Are You Brave Enough To Raise a Brave Girl?Part 1: Let her FearPart 2: Let her FeelPart 3: Let her save herself, and Part 4: Let her Fail)

Brave Girls make their own choices

Tomorrow is made out of today’s choices – or something like that, right? When it comes to your daughter, you want her to make good choices. Safe choices. Smart choices. Responsible choices.

Choice-giving is a skill I teach as a parent coach. But right now I am not talking about the same parenting strategy, where parents give choices […]

Raising A Brave Girl? Let Her Fail (Part 4)

(This is the 4th part of the Raising a Brave Girl? Blog series. Check out the Intro: Are You Brave Enough To Raise a Brave Girl?Part 1: Let her FearPart 2: Let her Feel, and Part 3: Let her save

Everyone is saying how lax and lazy this millennial generation is. I disagree. The nature of progress is to make life easier for coming generations.

Here is what I worry about: Overparenting

I don’t worry that life in today’s world is too easy for our kids, but that we make life too easy for them. By overparenting, we deny our kids a realistic sense of the effort it takes to succeed. When parents overwork, children […]

Raising a Brave Girl? Let Her Save Herself (Part 3)

(This is the third part of the Raising a Brave Girl? Blog series. Check out the Intro: Are You Brave Enough To Raise a Brave Girl?Part 1: Let her Fear, and Part 2: Let her Feel.)

She can rescue herself

Let’s ditch the helpless fairy tale princess.  You know why. Only a prince can save her – and she knows it. But what upsets me about the traditional princess stories go further. How do these women constantly get in trouble like that? They seem to be easily tricked into terrible fates! Their male counterparts don’t seem to have that same issue. Why?

Traditional fairy tales don’t only teach girls that they need […]

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