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What Does a Princess Really Look Like?

What does a Princess Really Look Like? Children's book.

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Written by Mark Loewen      Illustrated by Ed Pokoj

Chloe dreams of being a ballerina princess. But today she is not practicing her twirls or leaping from room to room. Today she crafts her very own princess.

The project quickly turns into more than a simple princess drawing. Chloe discovers that princesses are not just about beauty and glitter. They are strong, responsible, vocal, and determined.

As she shares her work with her two dads, she also realizes that her princess isn’t perfect! But then learns that it’s the imperfection -her quirk- that makes her unique.

Chloe realizes that she did not create the princess she wants to be. Instead, she based the princess on who she already is.

The book ends with a page where the reader can draw their own princess.

Princesses can look all kinds of ways. What does your princess look like?

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