Are You Brave Enough to Raise a Brave Girl?

You are raising a girl. You want her to be successful. To be strong and determined. To break through that glass ceiling. To change the world.

And you know she has it in her. 

So you want to raise Brave Girl

You are not alone. “Girl empowerment topics are hot right now,” publishers told me when I queried their interest for my children’s book manuscript about a Brave Girl (releasing next year, YAY!)

Awesome girls are being profiled in kid’s literature, videos, and everywhere. With good reason! Old history books were written by men that ignored the amazing contributions of women worldwide.

Still, women are underrepresented in many men-dominated fields. And although we tell girls that they can be anything they want to, the lack of visible role models makes it hard for that message to really internalize.

Our culture still encourages boys to be brave, and girls to be perfect. Reshma Saujani describes in her Ted Talk how girls are taught to avoid risk and failure. The problem with perfection is that it is a destination – not a journey. Perfection is a destination she (or anyone else) won’t ever reach.

Brave Girls choose process over outcome. Enjoy the experience.I don’t want my daughter to live for something she will never achieve. Instead, if she shoots for the stars, I want her to enjoy the journey through space. Whether she wins or loses at anything, I want her to enjoy the process. Because most days she will not arrive anywhere. But every day she will work toward something. I want her to enjoy the ride itself.

Now back to the initial question… are YOU Brave enough to raise a Brave Girl?

I know I struggle with it myself. Sure, the concept is great.  I want her to be the next Oprah, Maya Angelou, or Susan B. Anthony. But… do I want her to go through all that these admirable women went through? Their journey was not easy. 

My daughter means the world to me. I’ll do everything to keep her safe. I want her to have the best life she can have. And when she believes in something, I want her to know that she has what it takes to fight for it. I believe she can change the world. I don’t want her to hold back because “it just doesn’t feel safe.”

I imagine you feel similarly about your daughter. 

In this series, I will give you tips to help your daughter become the bravest girl she can be. I’ll show you how some minor, but very important tweaks to your interactions, can make a HUGE difference in who she becomes. You’ll learn how much power there is in how you speak to her. Your words can shape how she sees herself – and how she responds any challenge. 

That’s powerful!

The parenting advice in this series can sometimes feel counter-intuitive. When you follow it, you will be will guiding your daughter to take risks. And, you’ll surrender some control… to her! That can feel scary. So let’s do this together. 

To you, she may always be your little princess… but I want to help you be the kind of prince that steps back and goes: 


So, as you read on, I encourage you to slow down and take each post in. If you disagree, or if you question it, speak up! I will respond to anything you ask in the comment section. I would love to hear your feedback, and how each post applies to you and your daughter. Let’s make it a conversation!

Are you ready??

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Then, the conclusion brings it all together: She is Brave Enough to Face Herself

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About the Author:

Mark Loewen is a psychotherapist and parent coach. His daughter inspired Brave Like A Girl, and his first kids book, "What Does A Princess Really Look Like?", which was followed the empowering coloring book "The True Colors of a Princess."

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