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What Does a Princess Really Look Like?

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What does a Princess Really Look Like? Children's book.
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Written by Mark Loewen      Illustrated by Ed Pokoj

Chloe dreams of being a ballerina princess. But today discovers that princesses are not just about beauty and glitter. Princesses can also be strong, vocal, and determined.

And, as she shares her work with her two dads, Chloe also notices that her princess isn’t perfect! She learns that her imperfection -her quirk- makes her unique.

Chloe didn’t create the princess she wanted to be. Instead, her princess reflects who she already is.

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The True Colors of a Princess Coloring Book

Gift ideas for girls
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Written by Mark Loewen      Illustrated by Ed Pokoj

These coloring pages encourage kids to think beyond the stereotype of a princess and find strength and courage inside themselves. They will color along as Chloe tells the story of how she discovered that princesses are more than just beauty and glitter.

Princesses can be smart, kind, brave, assertive, and determined. Princesses look all kinds of ways. They come from all parts of the world, and from all kinds of families.

Young artists will also meet Chloe’s dads who help her learn that nobody, not even a princess, needs to be perfect.

The True Colors of a Princess carries the message of 

Empowerment, Diversity, and Equality.

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This book honors the magic of princesses while helping girls expand their definition of what a princess can truly be.
Girls are brave, outspoken, imperfect, and self-aware — and this book teaches girls that princesses can be, too.
Rachel Simmons

What I liked most about the book was that the princess did not have to be perfect. It is wonderful for girls to see a princess who is smart, strong, and beautiful. However, I believe it is more important for them to know they don’t have to be all those things all the time. Society puts so much pressure on women to always look and behave perfectly. Actively choosing to make Chloe’s princess imperfect means it is ok for Chloe to also be imperfect. Which will also tell the girls and boys reading this book that they too can be imperfect.

Dinah Davis, Code Like a Girl

Filled with the fuel young girls need to believe in themselves, this book carries the right message at the right time for the next generation of brave young women. It’s a must read!

“What Does A Princess Really Look Like?” is an adorable book showing children that we don’t have to be perfect in everything we do. Each person is perfect just the way they are. And it’s great that the main character has two dads. We need more books like this that highlight LGBTQ families.

This is a must-have for any parent, as it thoughtfully and playfully exposes children to the empowering topics of feminism and diverse families. Two emphatic thumbs up!!

Frank Lowe, @GayAtHomeDad

Gorgeous and empowering! It encourages independent play, healthy social interactions, and great parenting. While beautifully illustrated, it also sends several important messages to young minds. I’m looking forward to seeing it on the bestseller’s list!

Jeff Bennett,

…creative, philosophical and empowering. It sends a strong message to our kids that being smart and strong are true and noble qualities in a person. Chloe is a wonderfully thoughtful character, and it’s fantastic to see two dads in a book that’ll soon be a favorite in our house!

As a child of LGBTQIA+ parents, I wish I had more books like this growing up. Chloe’s creativity and inner strength flew off the page and into my heart.This book is wonderful for princesses of all kinds, especially those like Chloe with two dads. I’m excited to share this new book with other kids with LGBTQIA+ parents and caregivers everywhere!

the confidence boosting, feel-good factor that we should be giving to all our little princesses. Not only does it deliver the message that we don’t need to be perfect, it also shows the reader the truly important qualities that we need in ourselves, through everything that Chloe gives to her princess. Such a refreshing change that I highly applaud!

…a remarkable and much-needed story for our children. A story for all children, this lovingly written and beautifully illustrated book makes the listener and the reader realize that all things are possible and that we each possess the necessary seed to grow into our own best selves. Brava!

Henry Amador-Batten, Founder of DADsquared

This book illustrates you can be and look however you want. And you are perfect just as you are.

It is so important for children to see that girls and women are far more than their looks, they are strong, brave, beautiful and smart. But by no means do you have to be them all. Chloe’s Princess is perfectly imperfect and this is more than okay.

What Does a Princess Really Look Like?


The True Colors of a Princess Coloring Book

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